SyllableWords helps you find how many syllables are in a word very easily and fast. It is the perfect tool for teachers and students. Other than the syllable count you get hyphenation of the word and word type definitions.

Anagramsolver is a free powerful tool that helps you find the meaning behind anagrams through a very easy to use and intuitive interface. It also provides various tools that enable users to generate anagrams and find word definitions.

Sudoku Solver is an easy to use tool which helps you find any possible solution for the Sudoku game. Make sure to use our Sudoku Solving tool only when you are really stuck and haven’t been able to find the possible solution!

Jumble Solver is an easy to use tool which helps you find various scrambled/jumbled words for the popular game Jumble. In case you are stuck and cannot find the right words, simply use this tool and find the answers right away.

This is a powerful tool for unscrambling words. Whether you are stuck on a specific game or you are looking for various word combinations this is the right tool for you.
 is a very powerful to use tool yet very simple that enables its users to very efficiently search for crossword puzzle answers based on a given clue. Users can further narrow down the search results by choosing from the long list crossword puzzle publishers we provide.

Looking to sharpen your mind on the black and white squares? Find your daily crossword puzzles on this site – they’re FREE! You’ll find thousands of online puzzles, or you can make your own. You can do them online, or print them out! is a useful directory for all crossword-related websites on the Internet. The site was initially launched in 2001 and throughout the years has been an important place for all the crossword-related links. The site is constantly updated with various resources regarding crosswords and other types of word-puzzles.

Askacronym will help you to find the full form of an acronym. Askacronym is different from other sites , because it will give a short description about that acronym. These acronyms , expansions and descriptions are taken from reliable sources. So that, it is very useful for the students too. has 189980 verified acronyms and 115 members in the database now.